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Turbo-tech provides multiple 6-stage compressed CO2 compressor train for the oilfield CCUS project

In response to the national “dual carbon” strategy,Tackling the CCUS full industry chain CO2 compressor technology,Turbo-tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd(referred to as “Turbo-tech” for short)Independently developed 6-stage compressed CO2 compressor unit,Applied in oilfield CCUS projects,Successfully put into application, completed online acceptance,All operating parameters of the unit meet customer requirements and have been highly recognized by the equipment user.


Turbo-tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design and production of centrifugal gas compressors and centrifugal air compressors for many years,Based on years of experience in CO2 compressors,Efficient pneumatic for CO2 media,High pressure multi shaft (3-axis, 6-stage, 4-axis, 8-stage) shaft system design,Turbo-tech has undertaken the design, production, and on-site debugging of the core equipment “CO2 compressor” in the oilfield CCUS project,The successful application of this unit in the CCUS project,This marks a new technological breakthrough in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection for Turbo-tech.


Highlights of Turbo-tech CO2 Compressor Unit:

·The first 6-stage compression integrated skid-mounted CO2 compressor unit in China;

·Efficient pneumatic, with multiple pneumatic model levels for gases such as CO2;

·Adopting a multi shaft multi-stage (3-axis 6-stage, 4-axis 8-stage) gear assembly structure, it solves the problems of large impeller diameter and low efficiency, and is energy-saving, efficient, and stable in operation;

·The compression process is oil-free and the outlet is clean air;

·Good sealing effect, no leakage;

·The product structure is compact, convenient for installation and transportation, and easy for customer maintenance.


The Application of Titanate CO2 Compressor Unit in Oilfield CCUS Project,Filling the domestic gap,For the large-scale development of the oilfield CCUS industry,Provided reliable equipment support.

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Turbo-tech provides multiple 6-stage compressed CO2 compressor train for the oilfield CCUS project